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What is the Difference Between Lifting and Rigging Equipment?

What is the Difference Between Lifting and Rigging Equipment?

Jan 31, 2024

Lifting and rigging equipment is at the heart of nearly all industries. Lifting and rigging often go hand in hand for a successful heavy construction operation. But actually, “Lifting” and Rigging” are two fundamental concepts. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the differences between lifting and rigging and discuss their importance in various applications.

Lifting: Lifting Objects

Lifting is the act of raising or lifting an object from one location to another using various mechanical or manual methods. It is an important part of material handling operations in construction, manufacturing, shipping and other industries. Lifting involves the use of equipment such as cranes, cranes, forklifts and jacks to safely lift heavy objects.

Rigging: Securing and Attaching Loads

Rigging, on the other hand, refers to the process of preparing and securing a load for lifting. It involves selecting and attaching appropriate slings, shackles, hooks, and other hardware to the load to ensure it can be lifted and moved safely without causing damage or injury. Rigging is a key skill in lifting operations.


Lifting and rigging are pervasive across various industries and applications:

Construction: Lifting heavy steel beams, concrete blocks, and machinery during construction projects requires a combination of lifting and rigging expertise.

Manufacturing: Material handling within manufacturing facilities often involves lifting and rigging to load and unload raw materials and finished goods.

Shipping and Ports: Cargo ship and port operations rely on lifting and rigging for loading and unloading containers and heavy machinery.

Oil and Gas: Rigging is critical in offshore oil and gas field operations, where heavy equipment and materials must be safely transported to remote locations.

Lifting and rigging are indispensable components of material handling. Successful material handling operations rely on the collaboration of skilled professionals who can execute both processes seamlessly, ensuring cargos are lifted and moved efficiently and safely to their intended destinations. Whether you are a construction worker, a manufacturing professional, or involved in any industry that deals with heavy loads, knowing the difference between lifting and rigging is a fundamental step toward safe and effective material handling operations.