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What Is Hoist? How To Choose Manual & Electric Hoists?

What Is Hoist? How To Choose Manual & Electric Hoists?

Jan 25, 2024

Nowadays, hoists are widely used to lift and lower heavy loads in the many industrial. But what is hoist? How to choose from various types of hoists on the market?

A hoist is a piece of equipment used to lift or lower heavy loads within warehouses, factories, plants, and construction areas. Hoists can be used on loads of all sizes to make transporting items simple and safe for employees. There are two main types of hoists: manual hoist and electric hoist.

M anualChain Hoists

Manual hoists are appropriate for heavy-duty construction and a wide variety of industrial applications. Manual hoists are generally easier to move around than electrical, but take more work to lift heavier loads.

Manual hoists are safe to use, durable and are lightweight, making it a firm favourite for those in the industry who are unable to transport the heavier electric hoist.

Electric Chain Hoists

Electric hoists (also known as electric chain hoists) are used for lifting or lowering material with the use of its electric motor and controller to easily lift and lower.

Most ideal for industrial purposes, electric hoists are ideal for more frequent and everyday usage, where faster lifting is required. They make light work of heavy objects in comparison to when manual hoists are used.

In today’s market, there are a wide variety of hoisting equipments, but how to choose the most favorable one?  We hope the information in this article provided you with some insight about the hoists, helping you better understand the hoists. When choosing a hoist, it’s important to think carefully about the type of hoist you actually need.

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