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Wide Body Lifting Webbing Sling

Wide Body Lifting Webbing Sling

Wide body lifting webbing slings are designed for heavy-duty lifting, it ensures safe and efficient handling of loads. Upgrade your lifting operations. Especially suitable for oil pipelines, large diameter thin-walled pipes and electric fan blades lifting

Material: High Quality Polyester(PES)
Working Load Limit: 1ton to 30ton
Safety Factor: 6:1
Length: customized length available
Bnadwidth: 50mm to 600mm
Application: oil pipelines, large diameter thin-walled pipes and electric fan blades lifting.


1.Wide body lifting sling are soft and lightweight, easy to use, with a wide load-bearing surface, it can reduce surface load pressure, no harm to the cargo.
2.High strength and high working load, smooth and safe lifting.
3.Improve labor efficiency, reliable and cost-effective.
4.Made of durable synthetic materials that are resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and weather
5.Flexibility and versatile and can be used in various lifting usages.


Wide body webbing lifting slings are suitable for lifting operations in various industries.

Wide body webbing slings are using in warehouse and logistics operations to lift and move heavy objects such as pallets, barrels, crates and machinery.

Used in manufacturing facilities to lift and move large machinery, equipment or components during production processes.

Wide body slings also widely using in the construction industry for hoisting and fixing heavy building materials such as steel beams.

Used in the shipping and transport industry to secure cargo containers, machinery, vehicles and other heavy items during transport by land, sea or air.


In the material handling and lifting industries, choosing the right lifting products is critical to ensuring operational safety and efficiency. Wide body webbing slings are popular across industries as a sturdy and reliable option.

Wide body webbing slings are made of high-quality polyester or nylon webbing materials. With a wider body, the increased contact area reduces the risk of the suspended object slipping or shifting during lifting. Thereby enhancing stability during lifting.

Enhanced protection: The surface of the webbing is protected by a protective cover, which effectively prevents the hanging object from being scratched and damaged.

Multiple configurations: Wide body lifting slings come in different lengths and weight capacities to meet different lifting requirements.

Art. No.Working Load Limit
Band Width
Eye Length


Increased load capacity
Designed with a wider bandwidth, it can withstand heavier hoisting loads, making it easier to lift large cargo.
Greater Durability
Wide-body webbing slings, made from high-quality materials with excellent wear, tear, and stretch resistance, ensure long-lasting performance in harsh environments.
Wide-body slings offer flexibility for different operational needs, allowing their use in a variety of lifting applications, from construction and manufacturing to transportation and logistics.
Easy to Handle
The wider design is easier to handle and operate, allowing workers to secure and release loads more efficiently, saving time and labor costs.
Enhanced Safety
By providing a safe and stable lifting solution, wide-body webbing slings help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries associated with unstable or moving loads, thereby promoting a safer work environment.


Standard export package: Heat shrinking film packaging + Carton + Pallet
OR contact us to get customing packaging according to your different requirements

Manufacturing Process

Production Process: Weaving —Dyeing —Sewing —Clean & iron—Taping—Finished Products

Production Capacity: We can produce customised products for different applications and customer requirements.

Export Cases

Main export markets: Products widely popular exported all over the world, such as Russia, Japan, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, etc, with full export experience and professional team in order to help yousolve lifting problems!

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