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1 Ton Webbing Sling Belt (Customize)

1 Ton Webbing Sling Belt (Customize)

1 Ton Flat Webbing Sling Belt making of high quality polyester materials, with soft eyes at both ends. Support customerize safety factor, length, color, according to your requirements.


25MM / 30MM

Working Load Limit



5M / Customizable






1 Ton Flat Webbing Sling Belt making of 100% high tenacity polyester webbing. Working load limit is 1 Ton (1000 kg.) Features of soft, lightweight, high safety coefficient, long service life and nonconductive, non-contact danger.

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1 Ton Polyester Webbing Sling Belt
Width25MM/ 30MM
TypeEye & Eye Type
Working Load Limit1000 KG
Safety Factor6:1/ 7:1
Length (m)3M/ 5M/ 8M/10M/ Custom
ColorPurple/ Custom
Webbing Material100% High Quality Polyester (Polypropylene)
CertificateCE, GS


>> Customize: Support customized length, different capacity choices to different needs and applications.
>> Flexibility: The webbing material is flexible, making it easy to wrap around loads of various shapes and sizes.
>> Lightweight: Easier to handle compared to wire rope slings, reducing fatigue for workers.
>> Non-abrasive: The webbing material is gentle on surfaces, reducing the risk of damaging delicate or polished items.
>> Wide Bearing Surface: Distributes load evenly, reducing the risk of damage to the load


Eye and eye webbing sling belt is a versatile lifting tool commonly used in various industrial and construction settings for material handling.

A 1-ton eye and eye webbing sling, which has a rated lifting capacity of 1 ton, can be employed in multiple applications due to its strength, flexibility, and ease of use.

Especially for lifting heavy loads such as machinery, construction materials, and large equipments.


Standard export package: Heat shrinking film packaging + Carton + Pallet
OR contact us to get customing packaging according to your different requirements


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