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Web Slings For Heavy Duty Lifting

Web Slings For Heavy Duty Lifting

Web Slings Lifting Straps are typically a flat single or mult-ply polyester strap that feature looped eyes at each end. These web slings are versatile and suitable for a wide range of lifting applications. They can be used in vertical, choker, etc.
Working Load Limit

1 Ton to 10 Ton


25MM / 300MM


3M/ 5M/ 10M/ Customize






Polyester Web Slings For Heavy Duty Lifting. With wide range of capacities and configurations (eye & eye type, endless type) to deal with  any lifting tasks. Factory direct sales, our factory has strong ablity manufacturing an extensive line of high quality lifting slings and protective rigging gear to ensure a safe lifting experience.

web slings for lifting

  • Safe Working Load (SWL) Capacity: This indicates the maximum weight that the sling can safely lift. It is essential to ensure that the SWL capacity of the sling matches or exceeds the weight of the load you intend to lift.
  • Length and Width: The dimensions of the sling determine its suitability for different lifting applications. Longer slings provide increased versatility, allowing for a wider range of lifting configurations.
  • Web Slings Color Code: Many slings are color-coded to indicate their load capacity and aid in identifying the correct sling for the task.


Load Capacity: Determine the weight of the load you intend to lift. Each sling has a specified rated capacity or working load limit that you should not exceed when lifting or moving objects.

Decide Width Provides the Most Safety: Web slings come in variable widths, which can determine the weight that they can safely handle. For example, wider slings can distribute the weight more evenly and handle more substantial loads than narrower ones.

Environmental Conditions: Consider the operating environment, including temperature, moisture, and exposure to chemicals or UV radiation, to select a sling that can withstand these conditions.

Application Specifics: Different lifting applications may require specific features or types of slings. Assess the unique needs of your task to make the right choice.

Polyester Webbing Slings- 3 Ton Flat Webbing Sling for Heavy Lifting


Web Slings are flat belts, usually manufactured to duplex level featuring double layers for extra safety lifting. These slings are one of the most essential and common lifting tools.

Eye and Eye Type Webbing Slings
With an eye shape loop at each ends of the sling belt. Eye and eye slings can protect delicate loads and minimise the risk of damage, or scratches while lifting operations. Besides, very easy to use with hooks, choker, basket, or vertical configurations.

Synthetic Web Slings for Heavy Lifting

Endless Type Web Slings
Manufacturing by splicing the ends of a flat webbing material together to form a continuous loop. The continuous endless design of the sling provides a secure grip on the load. And allows it to be wrapped around the load, reducing the risk of damage.

Endless Web Slings for lifting


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