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Swivel Bail Elevator Link Drilling

Swivel Bail Elevator Link Drilling

The elevator link drilling tools swivel bail has its trait which contains special heat treatment, the field of application and manufacturing process. See the follow specification for details.

1.Manufactured by free forging
2.Special heat treatment, surface painted.
3.Non-destructive test is performed
4.Its strength is verified throughout 1.5 WLL tensile test
5.There are signs such as WORKING LOAD LIMIT marked on the swivel bail


1.Product Item: Elevator Link Drilling Swivel Bail
2.Standard: API Spec 8C
3.Material: Adopts super high-quality structural alloy steel as raw material
4.Working Load Limit: 135~450 US tons
5.Safety Factor: n=2.25~3
6.Match with water faucet.
7.Application: Used in a wide range of applications in the oil and gas industry, for example, drilling, completion, production, and maintenance operations.


Each product has the trait of good-toughness, high-tensity and good mechanical property.
As we all know, the elevator swivel bails are an important device used to support and connect equipment in the oil and gas field. It is typically made of high-strength alloy steel and consists of a hook-shaped body and a swiveling eye. The hook-shaped body is used to connect the swivel bail to the equipment, while the swiveling eye allows for free movement of the equipment in all directions. This enables the equipment to rotate and pivot freely, which is crucial in drilling and other operations in the oil and gas field.


The elevator link adopts high-quality alloy steel and throughout swaged forging process. It is used for lifting in oil, natural gas, repairing well and oil extraction, especially for deep well and super-deep well.

In addition, elevator link drilling tools are inportant to control the descending and ascending of the elevators in the operation of well-drill, gas-drill or geological prospecting.

Widely used in oilfield and gas drilling, drilling in deep well and super-deep well, drilling operation for fleet well and repairing well, etc.


API 8C Swivel Bail for Oil Drilling

Packing Details

Standard export package: polywood box

Customized packaging according to customer needs, contact us for more information.

Manufacturing Process

Single-arm elevator link adopts high-quality alloy steel and manufacture with swaged forgging process, mechanical processing and surface treatment process.

Double-arm elevator link adopts high-quality alloy steel and manufacture with swaged forgging and welding process.

Each product has the trait of high-intensity, good toughness and good mechanical property.

Export Cases

For the oil drilling elevator links, products widely export to all over the world, such as Russia, Japan, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, etc

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