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Steel Wire Rope

Steel Wire Rope

Focusing on single and multi stranded structures steel wire ropes. Large, medium and small steel wire rope manufacturing workshops with advanced technology, sophisticated equipment and complete product varieties. Using different materials with various coatings forming different structures to meet your different requirements.

1. Product Name: Steel Wire Rope
2. Rope Construction:
1×7, 1×19, 1×37, 1×61
6×7, 6×19S, 6×21S, 6×21F, 6×19W, 6×25F, 6×26WS, 6×31WS, 6×29F, 6×36WS
8×17S, 8×19S, 8×21F, 8×19W, 8×25F, 8×26WS, 8×31WS, 8×29F, 8×36WS, 8×37FS, 8×41F
17×7, 18×7, 18×19S, 18×19W, 18×19M
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3. Rope Nominal Diameter: 10mm~120mm
4. Length: Customized
5. Surface Treatment: Galvanized/ Smooth
6. Nominal Tensile Strength Grade: 1570Mpa~2160Mpa


Steel wire rope, also known as wire cable, is a versatile and durable material used in various industries and applications due to its numerous features and advantages:

High Strength: Exceptional high tensile strength, making it suitable for lifting heavy loads and providing reliable support in various applications.
Good Durability: It is highly resistant to wear, corrosion, and abrasion, making it suitable for use in harsh environments, such as marine, mining, and construction industries.
Versatility: Different diameters, constructions, and coatings, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. From simple hoisting tasks to complex rigging operations.
Longevity: Steel wire ropes can have a long service life, providing reliable performance over extended periods.
High Operating Temperatures: Steel wire ropes can withstand high temperatures, making them suitable for use in applications where heat resistance is required, such as in industrial ovens or kilns.
High Fatigue Resistance: Even when subjected to repeated bending and flexing, steel wire ropes maintain their structural integrity, reducing the risk of failure due to fatigue.
Excellent Load Capacity: Steel wire ropes can handle heavy loads safely, making them ideal for lifting, towing, and suspension applications.

Steel wire ropes are important with its high strength, durability, flexibility, and versatility. It becoms essential components in various industries and applications where reliable lifting, towing.


Steel wire rope, is comprised of individual steel wires twisted together to form strands. And then strands twisted together to form the final rope structure. Steel wire ropes are designed to provide high tensile strength, durability, and flexibility, making them suitable for a wide range of lifting, towing, and suspension applications across various industries.

Steel Wire Rope ClassRope Construction
Single Strand Steel Wire Rope1×7, 1×19, 1×37, 1×61, 1×91
Single Layer Steel Wire Rope6×7, 6x19S, 6x21S, 6x19W, 6x26WS, 6x31WS, 6x19M, 6x37M, …
8×7, 8x19S, 8x25F, 8x26WS, 8x31WS, 8x36WS, 8x41WS, 8x46WS, 8x19M, 8x37M,…
Multi Layer Steel Wire Rope17×7, 18×7, 18x19S, 18x19W, 35(W)x7, 24(W)x7….
Compacted Steel Wire Rope6xK7, 6xK19S, 6xK26WS, 6xK36WS, 6xK41WS,…
8xK19S, 8xK26WS, 8xK31WS, 8xK36WS, 8xK41WS, …
35WxK7, 40WxK7, 38WxK7
18xK7, 18xK19S
Shaped Strand Steel Wire Rope6xV19, 6xV21, 6xV24, 6xV30, 6xV34,…


Wire ropes are extensively used for lifting heavy loads in industries such as construction, mining, shipping, and manufacturing.
They are crucial for mooring ships, anchoring offshore platforms, towing vessels, and handling cargo In marine and offshore industries.
Steel cables also play a vital role in transportation applications, including cable cars, ski lifts, zip lines, and suspension bridges.
In the oil and gas sector for tasks such as drilling, well intervention, and offshore platform maintenance.
Hoisting and lowering equipment, transporting materials, and providing support in underground mines and open-pit quarries.


Advanced Manufacturing Equipment: Equipped with large, medium and small wire rope manufacturing workshops with advanced technology, sophisticated equipment and complete product varieties.
Production Capacity: Annual production capacity over 100,000 ton. One of the professional manufacturing bases of wire rope with the largest production volume and specifications in China
Well-experienced: OEM&ODM manufacturing and export experience, Professional technical team, Support customized product
Standards: Perform national and international standards, GB/T20118, EN , Gost, API.
High quality: Strict quality control before,in and after production, Authoritative testing report can be provided

Production Process

steel wire rope factory  is has a wide production line, equipped with the strongest technical force and the most thoughtful after-sale service.  Possess the largest 10,000T pressing machine, and it should be the largest one in Asia market. Several heavy duty equipment have got the patent for inventing, including: horizontal turning grommet sling machine, horizontal vertical grommet sling machine and large-scaled horizontal steel cable splicing machine, etc.

Manufacturing process:Wire rod、Drawing、Heat Treatment、Galvanized、Secondary Drawing、Stranding、Mixed Rope、Pretension、Packaging.

Packing Sample

Standard export packing: Wooden Reel / Steel Wheel Reel

Or Contact us for customized packaging according to customer needs

Why choose us?

1. Complete product varieties: Able to supply steel wire ropes with different diameters, structures, and usage.
2. Standard: Perform national and international standards, GB/T20118, EN , GOST, API.
3. Well-experienced: Professional and full experienced sales can help you solve difficulties to find the most favorable type of wire rope, better meet your request.
4. High quality: Strict quality control before, in and after production.
5. Fast response, Quick delivery: Any question, you can leave message or call us directly.

Export Experience

Our compacted wire rope are widely exported to Russia, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, Australia and other countries. Aiming to provide the high-quality and competitive price lifting products, helping you reduce cost, solving your lifting problems.



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