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Manual Hydraulic Forklift

Manual Hydraulic Forklift

1.Simple three-speed control handle
2.Casting pump, return oil device and safety relief valve
3.Strengthen the frame with high balance
4.The descending speed is controllable and slow
5.Optional wheel, nylon wheel, polyurethane wheel, steel wheel
6.Special requirements can be met through negotiation
7.The rated load has been raised 5000times without deformation

Product Description

The manual hydraulic forklift is light in weight and can be independently loaded and unloaded for easy carrying, stable lifting and increased safety.
Manual hydraulic forklift have a wide range of capacity, fork widths and lengths to meet customer needs and support customization.

Technical Parameters

Min. Height70mm
Max Fork Height200mm
Steerings Wheels160×50mm
Fork Wheels70×60mm
Overall Height1220mm
Overall Length1560mm
Fork Length1200mm
Overall Width550/685mm
Single Fork Size160/65mm
Lowered Fork Height15mm

Detailed Sample


The manual hydraulic forklift are commonly used for loading and unloading transport vehicles, suitable for cargo handling and stacking in factories, workshops, stations, terminals and other places.

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