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G80 G100 Lifting Chain

G80 G100 Lifting Chain

1.Material: High quality alloy steel
2.Surface treatment: self color, polishing, black, plastic coating, hot-dip, galvanized, etc.
3.Standard: ISO, DIN, BS, JIS, ASTM
4.Quality Grade: G80, G100
5.Safety factor: min 4 times
6.Product marking: G80 or required by customer. Also can make the non-standard chain according to your requirements.

Product Description

Lifting chain has been one of the most popular rigging products on the market for many years, mainly due to its strength, durability, and ease of use. Lifting chains are often the method of choice for lifting heavy loads, especially in high-temperature and challenging environments.

G80 Lifting Chain VS G100 Lifting Chain

G80 Lifting ChainGrade 80 lifting chain, is the first grade of chain approved for overhead lifting and for use in lifting slings. G80 alloy steel chain is heat-treated to give it the proper amount of strength to perform overhead lifts. This also gives grade 80 alloy lifting chain superb abrasion resistance.
G100 Lifting ChainGrade 100 lifting chain is very similar to grade 80 alloy steel chain, but it has a 25% higher working load limit than the same size of g80 alloy steel chain. This allows riggers to use lifting chain more ergonomically, using a smaller sized chain at the same working load limit.
Notes: Grade 80 , Grade 100, refers to the grade of chain. The higher the grade, the stronger and more resistant the chain is to bending and breaking.



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