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Eye & Eye Type Webbing Sling

Eye & Eye Type Webbing Sling

Complete lifting sling products available. The color, width, and length can be customized. We can provide the suitable solutions for you.

1. Material: 100% High quality polyester
2. Safety Factor: 5:1, 6:1, 7:1
3. Certifications: Perform with EN standard, American standard, Australian standard. Products with CE GS certifications.
4. High quality: Strict quality control, Authoritative testing report can be provided.
5. Product Advantages: High-strength, anti- slip, wear- resistant, high temperature resistant, soft, light, no harm to the cargo, safety, long life, etc.
6. Standard: Standard EN1492-1:2000+A1:2008


1.Polyester webbing sling is made by weaving machine, spliced smoothly and solid.
2.It divided into double/two layers .
3.It can be provided in a smooth wide surface when lifting goods .
4.They also can match the protection material in order to reduce the damage.
5.Soft and light weight, easy to use, with a wide load-bearing surface, it can reduce surface load pressure, no harm to the cargo.
6..High strength and high working load, smooth and safe lifting.
7.Improve labor efficiency and save costs.


Widely used in machinery processing, port loading and unloading, marine engineering, shipping, power, transportation, aerospace and other fields of lifting, traction, binding, fixing and other operations.

webbing sling 5 ton



Eye type webbing slings are lifting slings made from high-quality synthetic polyester or nylon materials. They are designed with loops, known as “eyes,” at each end of the sling, providing a secure anchor point for attaching hooks, shackles, or other lifting devices.

With the features of high strength and high working load, soft and light, no harm to the cargo, safety, non-conductive, long service life, polyester webbing sling are widely used in lifting, binding, fixing and other operations.

Art. No.Working Load Limit
Approx Width(mm)Minimum Length
Eye Length


Lightweight and Flexible
One of the main advantages of eye type polyester webbing sling is their lightweight and flexible nature. Compared to traditional wire rope slings, these slings are easier to handle, transport, and store.
Load Protection
Eye type webbing slings are gentle on the load being lifted, reducing the risk of damage to fragile or sensitive materials. The soft texture of the webbing prevents scratches, dents, and other potential harms.
Cost-Effective Lifting Solution
With their long lifespan and reusability, eye type webbing slings provide a cost-effective lifting solution compared to one-time-use alternatives.
Versatility in Various Industries
From construction and manufacturing to agriculture and logistics, eye type webbing slings find applications across a wide range of industries, showcasing their adaptability and usefulness.


Standard export package: Heat shrinking film packaging + Carton + Pallet
OR contact us to get customing packaging according to your different requirementswebbing sling 5 ton 6 meter

Manufacturing Process

Production Process: Weaving —Dyeing —Sewing —Clean & iron—Taping—Finished Products

Production Capacity: We can produce customised products for different applications and customer requirements.

Export Cases

Main export markets: Products widely popular exported all over the world, such as Russia, Japan, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, etc, with full export experience and professional team in order to help yousolve lifting problems!

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High quality: we have attached great importance of the quality, products undergone strict quality control.
Well experienced: Professional & well experienced colleagues here to help you provide solutions or suggestions based on your specific needs.
Customization: Support customization for the length, color, even material, products customized according to your diverse requirements.
Delivery: High capability, stable and reliable supply, quick delivery in time.
24Hours online: Our sales experts are 24 hours online, ready to assist you. You can leave messages or call us directly to get a quick response.

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