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Endless Type Webbing Sling

Endless Type Webbing Sling

Endless webbing sling EN1492-1 is an endless loop sling, forming a closed circle, used to lift and move heavy loads in industrial and commercial settings. It is created by splicing the ends of a flat webbing material together to form a continuous loop.

1.Material: Polyester (nylon, pp etc.)
2.Ply: Single ply or multi ply
3.Safety factor: 5:1, 6:1, 7:1
4.Standard: En 1492-1
5.Length: From 1m to 12m, customized
6.Application: Lashing, towing and lifting overhead
7.Certification: CE, GS
8.Support customized service. Able to supply different kinds of protecting measures according to different using requirement.


1.Endless webbing sling is soft and lightweight, easy to use. With a wide load-bearing surface, it can reduce surface load pressure, no harm to the cargo.
2.High strength and high working load, smooth and safe lifting.
3.Improve labor efficiency, reliable and cost-effective.
4.Made of durable synthetic materials that are resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and weather
5.Flexibility and versatile and can be used in various lifting usages.
6.Seamless Design: The absence of seams makes endless type slings stronger and less susceptible to fraying or wear at connection points.
7.Various Configurations: Endless slings come in different lengths and weight capacities to suit various lifting requirements.


A Endless Webbing Sling is used to carry, lift, tow or pull loads from the weight of two tons to twenty-four tons. They are distinguished based on the color of the sling. They serve the same purpose as wire ropes however the method of usage is different.

Widely used in machinery processing, port loading and unloading, marine engineering, shipping, power, transportation, aerospace and other fields of lifting, traction, binding, fixing and other operations.

Endless Webbing Sling are resistant to corrosion and abrasions, so they are long-lasting and durable. They are made of polyester, unlike the other steel ropes. Based on the function of the slings, there are different types of them. For example- towing, lifting and pulling will require different types of slings.


In the world of material handling and lifting equipment, having the right tools is essential for ensuring safe and efficient operations. Endless webbing slings have gained popularity as a versatile and reliable lifting solution in various industries.

Endless type webbing slings, different from the eye & eye webbing sling, also known as continuous loop slings, are made from high-quality polyester or nylon webbing material. They form a continuous loop with no seams, providing a versatile and flexible lifting option.

Support customized service. Able to supply different kinds of protecting measures according to different using requirement.

Art. No.Working Load Limit
Approx Width(mm)Minimum Length

Advantages of Endless Webbing Sling

Lightweight and Portable
Endless lifting webbing slings are lightweight and easy to transport, making them a convenient choice for various lifting applications.

Load Flexibility
The continuous loop design of endless polyester slings allows users to adjust the choker hitch easily, making them ideal for lifting loads of different shapes and sizes.

These sling belts are more cost-effective than wire rope or chain slings, making them a popular choice for businesses looking for a budget-friendly lifting solution.

Reduced Risk of Load Damage
The soft and non-abrasive nature of the polyester webbings minimizes the risk of load damage, making endless slings suitable for fragile or sensitive materials.

Endless type webbing slings offer a versatile and reliable lifting solution for various material handling tasks. Their seamless design, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness make them a popular choice in industries ranging from construction to logistics. By following proper usage and maintenance guidelines, businesses can ensure the longevity and safety of their endless type webbing slings, making them an indispensable tool in their lifting and material handling operations.


Standard export package: Heat shrinking film packaging + Carton + Pallet
OR contact us to get customing packaging according to your different requirements

Manufacturing Process

Production Process: Weaving —Dyeing —Sewing —Clean & iron—Taping—Finished Products

Production Capacity: We can produce customised products for different applications and customer requirements.

Company Strength / Advantages

1. Advanced Manufacturing Equipment: Switzerland Muller weaving machines, Germany dyeing machines, Japan automatic sewing machines, etc.
2. Production Capacity: Textile sling factory is a large base for lifting sling belts production, quality inspection and packing, with the production capacity over 20,000t.
3.Well-experienced: Many years of OEM&ODM manufacturing experience, Support customized product.

4. Testing Center: Has the test equipment to inspect and test the polyester webbing sling working load limit, breaking load and other aspects. In the other aspects, offer authoritative test reports for metallic material, metal product, steel material, synthetic fiber rope, lifting device, and clamp, etc.

Export Cases

Main export markets: Products widely popular exported all over the world, such as Russia, Japan, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, etc, with full export experience and professional team in order to help yousolve lifting problems!

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