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Electric Stacker Forklift

Electric Stacker Forklift

1.Safer and more efficient: Electrical powered devices allow quicker loading and unloading of goods, moving goods around with less manpower and risk of injury.
2.Regenerative braking and chargers compatible with standard wall plugs also ensure high productivity.
3.Compact and mobile: Highly mobile and have a huge turning radius, perfect for indoor use where space is limited.
4.Easy to operate

Product Description

Electric pallet stackers are designed to provide a flexible and efficient solution for material handling across different industries. Their versatility and ability to handle heavy loads make them indispensable in environments where the movement and organization of palletised goods are essential for operational success. Whether in construction, warehouses, or storerooms, electric pallet stackers contribute to increased productivity and improved logistics.


Electric stackers can be used in a wide variety of industries, including general manufacturing, food and freezer storage, general warehouse, retail, and beverage, etc.

Technical Parameters

Electric Stacker Forklift
Working Load Limit (kg)2000200020003000
Lifting Height (mm)1600200025003000
Load Center Distance (mm)450450450450
Min. Height (mm)90909090
Fork Length (mm)1000100010001000
Fork Width (mm)320-670320-670320-670320-670
Turning Radius (mm)1150115011501150
Front Wheel Size (mm)80*7080*7080*7080*70
Rear Wheel Size (mm)180*50180*50180*50180*50
Overall Length (mm)1735173517351735
Overall Height (mm)2080158018302080
Overall Width (mm)960960960960
Weight (kg)435480500520

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