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Custom Round Sling For Lifting

Custom Round Sling For Lifting

Customizable round sling for lifting operations. Have our own factory, Lower prices with high quality. Available in eye type and endless type and customized options for versatile lifting solutions.




Eye Type, Endless Type


1M/ 2M/ 3M/ Customize



 Main Features

Round sling for lifting is an essential tool in modern lifting and rigging operations. The lifting slings offering a combination of strength, flexibility, and safety. Proper selection, usage, and maintenance of round slings can enhance efficiency and safety in various lifting applications.

round lifting sling polyester round slings for lifting
High Strength: Lifting round sling making of durable materials that provide exceptional strength for lifting operations.
Flexibility: Round sling are flexible and can conform to the shape of the load, ensuring secure lifting in various scenarios.
Lightweight: Lightweight, making them easy to handle and transport.
Load Protection: They have a smooth surface that helps protect the load from damage during lifting.
Versatility: They are suitable for a wide range of lifting applications and environments.
Longevity: With proper care and maintenance, round slings have a long service life, offering good value for money.

How To Custom Proper Round Sling?

The round sling for lifting are the ideal choice for a wide range of lifting applications, offering unmatched versatility and safety. Whether you are in the construction industry, manufacturing sector, or logistics field, our round slings provide a reliable and efficient solution for your lifting needs. Choosing the proper round sling for a lifting operation involves several key considerations to ensure safety and efficiency.

eye and eye type round sling, polyester roung sling, endless round slings, round sling for lifting

Load Capacity: Calculate the total weight of the load to be lifted.
Load Shape and Size: Consider the shape, size, and dimensions of the load.
Check Sling Length and Configuration: Choose the correct sling length configuration (single, double, ply) based on the load requirements.
Evaluate the Lifting Environment: Ensure the sling material can withstand the operating temperature range.

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Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing process:Beam warping—Weaving —Dyeing —Cutting—Filling—Sewing —Packing
Production Capacity: Have our own factory and warehouse. Annual output over 20,000t. We can produce customised products for different applications and customer requirements.

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