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6×K19 6×K36 Compacted Steel Wire Rope

6×K19 6×K36 Compacted Steel Wire Rope

Compacted steel wire rope refers to the wire rope which has undergone a special process. The strands of standard rope are round but after undergoing the compacting process the wires and strands become flattened. It increases the contact area of all strands.

1.Rope Construction: 6×K19S, 6×K26WS, 6×K31WS, 6×K36WS, 6×K41WS, 6×K46WS, 6×K49SWS, 6×K55SWS
2.Rope Diameter: 10mm-120mm
2.Rope Grade: 1570, 1670, 1770, 1870, 1960, 2160
3.Surface Treatment: Galvanized, ungalvanized, oil lubrication
4.Twist Direction: ZS, SZ, ZZ, SS
5.Packing: Wooden wheel or steel wheel packaging (other request, contact us)
6.Perform Standard: GB/T, EN, API, GOST


Compacted steel wire rope, characterized by their high strength, flexibility, and durability. Becoming indispensable in various heavy-duty applications across industries like construction, mining, and maritime. These ropes through a special manufacturing process that compacts the steel wires, and then become a denser and more robust structure.

1.High breaking strength.
2.Very stabile rope construction with good fatigue properties.
3.Very high resistance against flattening and wear.
4.Wear-resistant, anti-seismic and stable in operation at high speed.
5.Good corrosion resistance and can work normally in the harsh environment of various harmful media.
6.Good softness, suitable for traction, pulling, binding and other purposes.

Compacted steel wire rope refers to the wire rope which has undergone a special process. The strands of standard rope are round strand rope but after undergoing the compacting process the wires and strands become flattened. It increases the contact area of all strands.


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Rope Reference Weight
Rope Grade
Steel Wire Rope Minimum Breaking Force (kN)
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6×K19 6×K36 compacted wire rope is a special type of wire rope used for specific applications in various industries due to its unique structure and properties. Here are some common applications:

Cranes: Cranes are commonly used for their strength, durability and ability to withstand heavy loads. Compact construction provides greater strength and resistance to bending fatigue.
Offshore and marine: For use in mooring lines, tow lines and riser tensioning systems.
Mining: In mining operations where heavy loads need to be lifted and transported over long distances, compacted wire ropes are used in various applications due to their strength and durability such as transport hoist ropes etc.
Oil and Gas Industry: In the oil and gas sector, these ropes are used in drilling operations, lifting equipment and various offshore applications due to their sturdiness and ability to withstand harsh conditions.
Construction: In construction applications such as tower cranes and ropeways, compacted wire rope is used to lift heavy materials and equipment safely and efficiently.

Production Process

The manufacturing process of a 6×K19 6×K36 Compacted Steel Wire Rope involves several steps to ensure the final product meets the required specifications for strength, durability, and performance.

Wire Drawing: drawn through a series of dies to reduce their diameter to the desired size. This process also helps improve the tensile strength and surface finish of the wires.
Stranding: In this step, the individual steel wires are grouped into strands according to the rope’s construction specifications.
Compaction: compacting the strands together to reduce the void spaces between them. Compaction helps improve the rope’s strength, flexibility, and resistance to abrasion.
Galvanized Surface Treatment: such as lubrication or coating, to improve its corrosion resistance and lifespan.
Inspection and Testing: Once the rope is assembled, it undergoes a series of inspections and tests to ensure it meets the specified quality standards.
Finishing: After passing inspection and testing, the finished wire rope may
Packaging and Shipping

Packing Sample

Standard export packing: Wooden Reel / Steel Wheel Reel

Or Contact us for customized packaging according to customer needs

Why choose us?

1. Complete product varieties: Able to supply steel wire ropes with different diameters, structures, and usage.
2. Standard: Perform national and international standards, GB/T20118, EN , GOST, API.
3. Well-experienced: Professional and full experienced sales can help you solve difficulties to find the most favorable type of wire rope, better meet your request.
4. High quality: Strict quality control before, in and after production.
5. Fast response, Quick delivery: Any question, you can leave message or call us directly.

Export Experience

Our compacted wire rope are widely exported to Russia, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, Australia and other countries. Aiming to provide the high-quality and competitive price lifting products, helping you reduce cost, solving your lifting problems.



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