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6×37 FC IWRC Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

6×37 FC IWRC Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

1. Wire Rope Construction: 6×37M-IWRC, 6×37M-FC, 6×37M-WSC
2. Surface: Galvanized/ Ungalavized(Smooth), Greased
3. Rope Nominal Diameter: 10mm~120mm
4. Nominal Tensile Strength: 1570Mpa~1960Mpa
5. Standards: Perform national and international standards, GB/T20118, EN, GOST, API.
6. Application: Lifting equipment, various lifting and towing equipment (old equipment to replace ropes).

Wire Rope Feature

The 6×37 steel wire rope offers a combination of strength, flexibility, durability, and versatility. Making it a popular choice for a wide range of lifting and rigging applications across different industries

1. High Breaking Strength: Provides high breaking strength, making it suitable for heavy-duty lifting and hoisting applications.
2. Flexibility: Offers a good balance between strength and flexibility. It can bend and wrap around sheaves and drums relatively well. So it suitable for use in various rigging setups.
3. Resistance to Abrasion and Wear: Enhances the rope’s durability and longevity. Particularly in applications where the rope is subjected to frequent bending and abrasion.
4. Fatigue Resistance: The design of the 6×37 construction extend its service life in dynamic loading conditions such as lifting and lowering operations.
5. Versatility: The 6×37 configuration is versatile and finds application in a wide range of industries. For exampl, construction, mining, maritime, and transportation. Besides, also for various lifting, rigging, and towing applications, providing reliable performance in different environments.


The 6×37 steel wire rope consists of six strands, each containing 37 individual wires. Wire rope cables perform both national and international standards based on customers’ request. Such as GB/T20118, EN, GOST, API. Support customerization serveices based on different requirements and application situations.

Rope Diameter
Rope Reference Weight
Rope Grade
Steel Wire Rope Minimum Breaking Force (kN)


1.Comprehensive Range of Wire Rope Products
Extensive product range includes wire rope for various applications. For example, lifting, towing, hoisting, and suspension. In adition, from compacted ropes for heavy-duty lifting to non-rotating ropes for precision operations. We offer a wide selection to cater to diverse industry needs.

2. Advanced Manufacturing Equipment
Equipped with large, medium and small wire rope manufacturing workshops with advanced technology, sophisticated equipment and complete product varieties. Products perform both national and international standards, such as GB/T20118, EN, GOST, API.

3. Well-experienced, Professional Team
Customized support solutions for your unique requirements. Because we understand that every project has its specific needs, so that we can provide tailored solutions that precisely meet your requirements. In addition, our experienced team will work closely with you in order to ensure optimal performance and safety.

4. High Quality Control
Strict quality control before,in and after production. By the way, the authoritative testing report can be provided, ensuring steel wire rope transmit long distance load. The bearing safety factor is large, and the use is safe and reliable.


The 6×37 steel wire rope widely using for sub-vertical lifting of the wire rope irrigation canal, sub-vertical balanced rope (only for ordinary), tower cranes for hydraulic engineering and construction, construction machinery, port loading and unloading, ship loading and unloading, etc.

Also the metallurgical, machinery construction field. Such as cranes, construction machinery, shaft lifting, inclined shaft lifting.  Port loading and unloading, shipbuilding, and transportation, mining industry. As well as metroleum, and marine engineering, etc.

Manufacturing Process

The wire rope production base has the strongest technical force and the most thoughtful after-sale service. Not only the 10,000T pressing machine. But also has several heavy duty equipments. For example, horizontal turning grommet sling machine, horizontal vertical grommet sling machine and large-scaled horizontal steel cable splicing machine, etc.

From each strand to high strength steel wire ropes!
Whether hoisting heavy machinery in construction or securing cargo on shipping vessels, their versatility knows no bounds.
From rigorous quality testing and inspection, ensuring they meet the highest industry standards for reliability and performance.

Wire rope roduction process mainly includes Wire rod drawing, then perform heat treatment. Next, galvanized, and stranding, pretension. And, at last is strict testing, then packing and waiting for shipping.

Packing Sample

Standard export packing: Wooden Reel and Steel Wheel Reel

Or Contact us for customized packaging according to customer needs

Why choose us?

1. Complete product varieties: Able to supply bright and galvanized steel wire ropes. Such as different diameters, structures, and usage.
2. Standard: Perform national and international standards, such as GB/T20118, EN , GOST, and API.
3. Well-experienced: Professional and full experienced sales can help you solve difficulties. So as to find the most favorable type of wire rope, better meet your request.
4. High quality: Strict quality control before, in and after production.
5. Fast response, Quick delivery: If any question, you can leave message or call us directly.

Export Experience

Our steel wire ropes are widely exporting, for example, to Russia, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, Australia and other countries.

Aiming to provide the high-quality and competitive price lifting products. In order to helping you reduce cost, solving your lifting problems.


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