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6×19M FC IWRC WSC Steel Wire Rope Cable

6×19M FC IWRC WSC Steel Wire Rope Cable

1. Rope Construction: 6×19M-FC, 6×19M-WSC, 6×19M-IWRC

2. Surface: Galvanized/ Ungalavized (Bright)

3. Rope Nominal Diameter: 9mm~120mm

4. Nominal Tensile Strength: 1570Mpa~1960Mpa

5. Packing: Normally 1000m/reel. (Can be customized according to different customer needs)

6. Standards: Perform national and international standards, GB/T20118, EN, GOST, API.


The “6x19M” steel wire rope cable designation signifies the rope’s construction. In this case, it consists of six strands, each containing 19 individual wires. In a full range of different types and diameters. For example, 6×19M-FC, 6×19M-WSC, 6×19M-IWRC. According to your specific requirements, provide technical support, support customizations.

1. Material: Making of high-quality steel, typically carbon steel or stainless steel. It depends on different intended application. Besides, carbon steel offers strength and durability, while stainless steel provides corrosion resistance. Making it suitable for marine or outdoor environments.

2. Strength: Steel wire rope cables has exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. The 6x19M configuration offers considerable tensile strength, making it suitable for lifting, rigging, and other heavy-duty applications.

3. Flexibility: Despite its strength, the 6x19M construction provides reasonable flexibility. Allowing it to bend and conform to various shapes without compromising its structural integrity. This flexibility is crucial for applications that require maneuverability and ease of handling.

4. Durability: Steel wire rope cables can withstand harsh environmental conditions, abrasion, and heavy loads over extended periods. Also, the 6x19M configuration ensures durability and reliability, minimizing the risk of premature failure.


Depending on the industry and application, the 6x19M steel wire rope should meet specific standards or certifications for safety and quality assurance. Wire rope cables can perform both national and international standards based on customers’ request. Such as GB/T20118, EN, GOST, API.

Rope Diameter
Rope Reference Weight
Rope Grade
Steel Wire Rope Minimum Breaking Force (kN)


High Strength: The 6x19M construction wire rope provides excellent tensile strength. Withstand heavy loads and stresses without deformation or failure. This makes it suitable for lifting, hoisting, and towing applications where strength is crucial.

Flexibility: 6x19M steel wire rope cables maintains flexibility, enabling it to bend and conform to various shapes and angles. This flexibility is essential for applications that require maneuverability and the ability to navigate around obstacles.

Abrasion Resistance: The design of the 6x19M configuration enhances its resistance to abrasion, wear, and fatigue. This is particularly advantageous in applications where the wire rope comes into contact with rough surfaces or undergoes repetitive bending. Reducing the risk of damage and extending its service life.

Ease of Handling: Despite its strength and durability, the 6x19M steel wire rope cable is relatively lightweight and easy to handle. This makes it convenient for installation, transportation, and maintenance. Reducing labor costs and improving overall efficiency.

Cost-Effectiveness: Due to its durability, longevity, and performance characteristics, the 6x19M steel wire rope offers excellent value for money over its service life. Its ability to withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions reduces the need for frequent replacements. And minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.


The 6x19M steel wire rope cable is versatile. It has a wide range of applications, including lifting, hoisting, towing, and suspension. It is commonly found in construction, mining, maritime, transportation, and industrial settings.

Besides, it compatible with various fittings, attachments, and accessories, allowing for customization based on specific requirements. So, the versatility enables it to be used with different types of machinery and lifting equipment.

Manufacturing Process

Firstly, Wire Rod Drawing: Drawing through a series of dies to reduce diameter to customers’ requirements.

Then, Wire Rope Stranding: Multiple wires strand and twist together to form wire rope cables.

Next, Surface Treatment: Dpending on the specific request and application, such as oil lubrication or bright or galvanized wire rope.

Last but not least: Testing and Quality Control: Perform rigorous testing before shipping to customer. In order to make sure its strength, durability, and performance characteristics.

Finally, Packing And Ready For Delivery.

Packing Sample

Standard export packing: Wooden Reel and Steel Wheel Reel

Or Contact us for customized packaging according to customer needs

Why choose us?

1. Complete product varieties: Able to supply bright or galvanized steel wire ropes with different diameters, structures, and usage.
2. Standard: Perform national and international standards, such as GB/T20118, EN , GOST, API.
3. Well-experienced: Professional and full experienced sales can help you solve difficulties. So as to find the most favorable type of wire rope, better meet your request.
4. High quality: Strict quality control before, in and after production.
5. Fast response, Quick delivery: If any question, you can leave message or call us directly.

Export Experience

Our steel wire ropes are widely exporting, for example, to Russia, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, Australia and other countries.

Aiming to provide the high-quality and competitive price lifting products. In order to helping you reduce cost, solving your lifting problems.


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