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6×19S+IWR Round Strand Steel Wire Rope

6×19S+IWR Round Strand Steel Wire Rope

1. Rope Construction: 6x19S+FC, 6x19S+IWRC
(Support Customization, OEM, ODM)

2. Surface: Oil Lubrication/ Galvanized/ Ungalavized (Bright)

3. Rope Nominal Diameter: 10mm~120mm

4. Nominal Tensile Strength: 1570Mpa~2160Mpa

5. Packing: Normally 1000m/reel. (Can be customized according to different customer needs)

6. Standards: Perform national and international standards, GB/T20118, EN, GOST, API.


“6×19” steel wire rope price favorable with high strength. Besides, this construction means that the rope consists of six main strands.
Each comprising 19 smaller wires twisted together. Besides, it offers a balance between flexibility and high strength.
Also, it is commonly using in lifting and rigging applications, crane operations, suspension bridges, and marine industries.

1.High breaking strength.
2.Very stabile rope construction with good fatigue properties.
3.Very high resistance against flattening and wear.
4.Wear-resistant, anti-seismic and stable in operation at high speed.
5. Good corrosion resistance and can work normally in the harsh environment of various harmful media.
6. Good softness, suitable for traction, pulling, binding and other purposes


Steel wire rope is used across a wide spectrum of industries for many applications. A steel wire rope is made of steel wires that are twisted in order to form strands, then strands twisted together to form ropes. Featured with high strength, flexibility, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and rotation resistance.

Rope Diameter
Rope Grade
Minimum Breaking Forece (kN)


1. Manufacturing Equipment: With large, medium and small wire rope manufacturing workshops. As well as the advanced technology, sophisticated equipment and complete product varieties.

2. Production Capacity: Annual production capacity over 100000 ton. One of the professional manufacturing bases of wire rope with the large production volume and specifications in China.

3. Well-experienced:  OEM&ODM manufacturing and export experience. Professional technical team. Support customized product.

4. Standards: Perform national and international standards, such as GB/T20118, EN, GOST, API.

5. High quality: Strict quality control before,in and after production. Besides, the authoritative testing report is available for customers. Ensuring steel wire rope has the following advantages of transmit long distance load. The bearing safety factor is large, and the use is safe and reliable. Be able to bear multiple loads and variable loads. High tensile strength, fatigue strength and impact toughness. Wear-resistant, anti-seismic and stable in operation at high speed. Good corrosion resistance and can work normally in the harsh environment of various harmful media.


It is widely used in a variety of lifting, hoisting, and traction equipmen.

Also the metallurgical, machinery construction field. Such as cranes, construction machinery, shaft lifting, inclined shaft lifting, port loading and unloading, shipbuilding, transportation, mining industry, petroleum, and marine engineering, etc.

Steel Wire Rope

Production Process

Steel wire rope sling factory has a wide production line, both equipped with the strongest technical force and has the most thoughtful after-sale service.  In addition, possess the largest 10,000T pressing machine, so that it becomes a profession and reliable wire rope supplier. Besides, several heavy duty equipment have got the patent for inventing, for example, horizontal turning grommet sling machine, horizontal vertical grommet sling machine and large-scaled horizontal steel cable splicing machine, etc.
Production process such as wire rod, drawing, heat treatment, galvanized, secondary drawing, stranding, mixed rope, pretension and at last packaging.


Packing Sample

Standard export package: Wooden Reel or Steel Wheel Reel

Customized packaging according to customer needs

Why choose us?

1. Complete product varieties: Able to supply steel wire ropes with different diameters, structures, and usage.
2. Standard: Perform national and international standards, such as GB/T20118, EN , GOST, API.
3. Well-experienced: Professional and full experienced sales can help you solve difficulties in order to find the most favorable type of wire rope, better meet your request.
4. High quality: Strict quality control before, in and after production.
5. Fast response, Quick delivery: Even if any question, you can leave message or call us directly.

Export Cases

-Main markets: Such as America, Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, Russia, Europe, Japan, Vietnam, India, etc

Aiming to provide the high-quality and competitive price lifting products. In order to helping you reduce cost, solving your lifting problems.

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