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2 Inch Custom Ratchet Straps With Flat Hook

2 Inch Custom Ratchet Straps With Flat Hook

The ratchet tie down strap with flat hook is a versatile and reliable tool using for securing cargo during transportation. It’s commonly employed in various industries, including shipping, trucking, and construction. To ensure that loads remain stable and immobile during transit.


2 Inch

Working Load Limit


End Fittings

Flat Hook


Steel/ Plastic/ Aluminum handle ratchet (Custom)


2 inch ratchet tie down strap with flat hooks is widely using in transportation industry. The polyester webbings are rugged and soft, in order to protect your cargo. Meanwhile, the ratchet mechanism makes it simple and easy to operate and achieve a tight, secure hold.

Heavy Duty 2-Inch Straps 2 Inch Ratchet Straps Heavy Duty w/Flat Hooks, 3335 lb. Working Load Limit, 3:1 Design Factor 2" " Flat Hook Ratchet Strap

2 Inch Custom Ratchet Straps With Flat Hook
Width2 Inch
Length27ft, 30ft / Customerized
Working Load Limit3333 lbs
Breaking Load10000lbs
RatchetHeavy duty ratchet with Plastic Handle / Or Customerized
End FittingFlat Hook
WebbingMaterial: 100% high strength Polyester Yarn
Collor: Yellow, with Black Edge
Safety Factor3:1


Looking for a different length, color, special ratchet and hooks to meet your different needs? Want straps printed with your own company name or logos? Confused with how to choose the most suitable ratchet straps? We also offer transport chains and binders as an alternative tie-down solution. We can offer professional support, providing custom tie down straps available.


The 2 inch ratchet tie down straps with flat hooks is a reliable choice for most loads, cause it has a wider contact area, better distribute force. The flat hook is particularly useful for tie-down straps to various anchor points. Providing a reliable connection sothat reduce the risk of cargo slippage or detachment.

                  ratchet tie down strap with flat hook 2-inch Ratchet Straps with Flat Hooks


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