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2 Inch Custom Ratchet Straps With Wire Hook

2 Inch Custom Ratchet Straps With Wire Hook

Our 2 Inch Ratchet Straps with Wire Hooks is an extremely versatile lashing straps that is great for keeping your load secured safely in place on flatbed trailers or utility trailers. Adjustable in length and equipped with a tension control device to protect your cargo.


2 Inches

Working Load Limit

3333 LBS

End Fitting

Wire hook / J hook


Heavy-duty Ratchet with Plastic Handle


27ft, 30ft / Customerized


Generally in Yellow / Customerized


2 inch ratchet straps with wire hook/J hook cargo lashing tools used to secure cargos. It is the perfect strap to make it exactly how you need it for your application securement. Making of high quality fabric material. It provides great durability, heavy-duty strength, and minimal stretching to ensure the cargos do not move or shake during transportation.

2 inch Ratchet Straps | Custom Made Some of our 2-inch ratchet strap customization options include tie-down hardware options such as S Hooks, J Hooks, Chain and Binder, Snap Hooks, Wire Hooks 2" wire hook ratchet straps can easily attach in hard to reach areas or where space is tight

2 Inch Custom Ratchet Straps With Wire Hook
Width2 Inch
Length10ft, 20ft, 27ft, 30ft / Customerized
Working Load Limit3333 lbs
Breaking Load10000lbs
RatchetHeavy duty ratchet with Plastic Handle or Customerized
End FittingWire Hook / J Hook
WebbingMaterial: 100% high strength Polyester Yarn
Collor: Yellow, with Black Edge
Safety Factor3:1


Want ratchet straps printed with your company name or logo? Looking for different strap length, special color, or custom ratchet and hook? Be free to send us your needs. We can also offer custom ratchet tie down straps!

2 Inch Custom Ratchet Straps With Wire Hook US Cargo Control Ratchet Straps, 2 Inch x 27 Foot


This 2-inch Ratchet Strap adpots heavy-duty ratchet and hooks that to provide you with comfort and safety while securing heavy loads. Besides, the webbing making of high strength polyester yarn, provides great durability, heavy-duty strength, and minimal stretching.
Meanwhile, it has long life, easy to operate and cost-effective.


As defined by WSTDA, safety factor is the “ratio of the breaking strength to the working load limit”. And it is 3:1 for these model of ratchet tie down straps. In other words, breaking strength is three times greater than the working load limit it is rated to carry safely.
This safety factor is used to account for various uncertainties and variables. Minimized the failure risk, enhancing safety during use.

Breaking Strength = 3 × Working Load Limit (WLL)

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