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2 Inch E Track Ratchet Tie Down Straps (Custom)

2 Inch E Track Ratchet Tie Down Straps (Custom)

2 Inch E Track Ratchet Tie Down Straps provide a reliable and efficient solution for securing cargo, enhancing safety and stability during transport. The main features of the E Track hook, which is a key component of these straps.


2 Inches

Working Load Limit

3333 LBS

End Fitting



Heavy-duty Plastic/Aluminum/Steel handle Ratchet


20ft, 27ft, 30ft Or Customerized


Blue, Yellow, Grey Or Customerized


2 Inch Ratchet Tie-Down Straps with E-Track end fittings, widely using for securing motorcycles, ATVs, trucks, or hauling cargo in trailers.
This tie down strap is custom-made, with customization options that better fit your application needs best. For example, custom the total length of the webbing strap, the webbing color, special ratchet handles and the different end fittings that meet your cargo application needs best.2 inch Custom Ratchet Strap with E Track Fittings

2 Inch E Track Ratchet Tie Down Straps
Width2 Inch
Length12ft, 16ft, 20ft Or Customerized
Working Load Limit3333 lbs
Breaking Load10000lbs
Ratchet MechanismHeavy duty Plastic/ Aluminum/ Steel Handle ratchet
End FittingE-Track end fittings
WebbingMaterial: 100% high strength Polyester Yarn
Collor: Blue/ Yellow/ Grey
Safety Factor3:1


The E Track end fittings provides a versatile and strong method of securing loads. This kind end fittings especially suitable to E-track or A-tracks. Allowing for various attachment points along the length of the track to hold it securely in place. Meanwhile, it’s easy to install and release as well, also it’s suitable to both horizontal and vertical track.


Want put your different logos? We can supply 2 inch E-track ratchet tie down straps with your special company brand or logo printed on it! Not only that, we can also support customize length, ratchets, end fittings, strap labels, and more details. Any requests, just email or call us to get started.


High Strength Webbing: Making of durable polyester, can handle heavy loads without stretching or breaking.

Ratchet Mechanism: Allows for easy tensioning and release of the strap. The ratchet mechanism ensures the strap can be tightened securely and safely.

E-Track Fittings: To snap into the E Track rails securely. These fittings ensure a quick and reliable attachment to the track system.

Adjustability: The length of the straps is adjustable, allowing for versatile use with different sizes and types of cargo. Providing flexibility for various applications.

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