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Instruction Of Steel Wire Rope From Hebei Connect Trading Co.,Ltd,

Instruction Of Steel Wire Rope From Hebei Connect Trading Co.,Ltd,

Jan 25, 2024

Are you still confused about how to store and transport the steel wire ropes after receiving it from supplier? Through this article, you will find the answer, helping you better solve your confusion.


(When put the rope in storage, the inspector should check the mark and make sure it is clean and in accordance with the certificate.)

Steel wire rope shall be stored in a clean, well-ventilated, dry, no dust warehouse, make sure to keep out of the sun and heat.

■ When the rope was stored outside, make sure the ground is dry and put them on the wood block, covered by waterproof cloth.

■ Rope package with wheel, it should be moved often especially in the heat environment to prevent the lube running off from the wire rope. The wire rope could not be piled up layer by layer while storing. Regularly inspection is necessary if large quantity need to be stored for long term. If rust is found, please clean and re-lubricated in time. If the rust is serious, the steel wire rope should be scrapped.

■ When use the stored wire rope, please follow the rule of “first in first out“.

2.Steel wire rope transportation

■ When handling the steel wire rope, please use the crane to avoid damaging the rope.

■ Do not roll the rope on the accidented ground to avoid damaging the rope surface.

■ Keep it clean when move it without the outside package.

3.Steel wire rope inspection: 

■ During the use of the wire rope, regular inspection should be carried out according to the relevant provisions, and record the inspection results in time.

■ Inspection contents: should at least include the following: the degree of wire wear, broken wire, lubrication, rope connection part or end fastening part and other abnormal phenomena.