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How are goods transported? What shipping methods can I choose?

How are goods transported? What shipping methods can I choose?

Jan 24, 2024

Today, as global trade becomes increasingly prosperous, how to transport various commodities efficiently, safely and economically has become a core issue for many enterprises and merchants. To this end, we actively provide and support a variety of international trade terms, such as EXW ex-factory delivery, FCA freight carrier, FOB, CIF cost plus insurance plus freight, DAP delivery at destination (excluding tariffs), DDP delivery after duty payment, etc., to meet customer needs in different trading scenarios.

In terms of specific transportation methods, we provide a variety of options. For small sample orders, we recommend express transportation, which is fast and convenient to ensure that samples can reach customers quickly; for large quantities of goods, sea transportation has become the mainstream transportation option due to its large carrying capacity and relatively low cost. One; in addition, for goods with high timeliness requirements, air freight services can realize rapid cross-border transportation of goods.

What’s even more considerate is that we will carefully select the most suitable transportation solution for customers based on their specific order needs, taking into account factors such as price, safety, and speed. No matter which mode of transportation you choose, we will go all out to help solve logistics problems so that you don’t have to worry about transporting your goods.

In short, through the flexible use of diversified transportation methods and international transaction terms, we are committed to providing customers with worry-free logistics solutions and promoting the smooth flow of global trade with practical actions.