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Customized services

Our cooperated factory has a strong technical team, with our expertise and dedication, we have the capability to customize lifting slings according to specific requirements, whether it’s for heavy-duty industrial applications, specialized construction projects, or unique lifting challenges. We works closely with customers to understand their exact needs, offering personalized recommendations and solutions that optimize safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. By tailoring solutions to the specific needs and preferences of each individual client. Aiming to help customer find most favorable sling products and solve lifting problems.

Product Training

Provide knowledge training on product use and maintenance to help customers better understand the product and its use.

Payment Method

A variety of payment methods are available for customers to choose from, such as L/C(letters of credit), T/T, collections, etc.

Information Sharing

Provide customers with timely market and industry information, help customers better understand market demand and competitive trends.

Comprehensive Service

Provide one-stop services including cargo logistics to help customers solve various problems before, during, and after sales.

Customer Feedback

Track customer feedback on products and services, continuously improve products and services by listening to customer suggestions.

Project Cases

Hebei Connect Trading Co., Ltd. has rich and professional customized service experience in petrochemical, power equipment, bridge engineering, space structure and other industries. Differentiated products and services provided according to the needs of different industries.

Petrochemical Industry$
Electric Equipment Industry$
Bridge Engineering Industry$
Spatial Structure Industry$
Petrochemical Industry
In the petrochemical industry, rigging products play a crucial role in various applications essential for the safe and efficient handling of equipment, materials, and structures. Rigging equipment such as wire ropes, slings, shackles, and lifting beams are indispensable tools that contribute to the smooth and efficient operation of petrochemical facilities.
Electric Equipment Industry
In the electric equipment industry, rigging products serve as essential tools for the installation, maintenance, and transportation of heavy electrical components and machinery. These rigging products are designed to withstand high loads and provide secure lifting and positioning, ensuring the safety of workers and the integrity of the equipment.
Bridge Engineering Industry
In the bridge engineering industry, lifting beams, slings, wire ropes, and cranes are utilized to handle heavy materials, structural components, and equipment during bridge construction projects. These rigging products enable the safe and precise positioning of steel beams, concrete segments, and other bridge elements, ensuring structural integrity and adherence to design specifications.
Spatial Structure Industry
In the spatial structure industry, rigging products are fundamental tools utilized in the construction, installation, and maintenance of various architectural marvels such as stadiums, arenas, exhibition halls, and large-scale canopy structures. Rigging equipment like wire ropes, slings, shackles, and hoists are essential for lifting and positioning the intricate components of spatial structures. Rigging products are indispensable for ensuring the safe and efficient execution of complex construction projects.